Our mission is to build the best bikes for all of your drop bar riding passions - on the road, the gravel and dirt, or the mud and snow of a 'cross course.


Bike companies are really good at inventing new niches to get more sales from the same customers, but our philosophy is different. We love riding road, gravel, and cyclocross, but hated the idea of having three bikes to do the things we loved. The birth of disc brake road bikes was our "A-ha!" moment. Free the bike from the constraints on tire size that traditional brakes place on them and you open up a world of possibilities! We strive to make the best bike to go fast on pavement, dirt and gravel roads, and the twists and turns of a cyclocross course. Our hearts are in riding fast with friends and competitors and we build our bikes to suit that desire!



Sure, you can build carbon frames that are unfathomably light, but how do they ride? Our carbon frames are built to strike the right balance between a lightweight race machine that you can power through the bell lap and a bike that is comfortable when the road is long and points to the sky.

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100% US Handbuilt Steel - because growing up racing bikes in the 80s with heroes like Kelly, Hampsten, Phinney, Knickman, and Lemond, how could we not love steel? Check out our idea of what our heroes would battle the cobblestones of Northern France on if they were still racing today.

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